Top 10 Reasons Jews Should Vote for Obama://
by Richard H. Schwartz, author of Who Stole My Religion? 

There has been much discussion recently about which candidate Jews should support for president in 2012. Below are many important reasons that Jews should vote for Obama:

1. Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, and other Republicans are promoting policies similar to or often worse than those that had such disastrous results during the George W. Bush administration, including converting a three-year major surplus, which was on track to completely eliminate the total federal debt, into a major deficit, creating very few net jobs (none in the private sector), and leaving the country on the brink of a depression, with an average of 750,000 jobs being lost during its last three months. Over 800,000 on its final month. Like, Bush, they want to reduce taxes for the wealthiest Americans, cut regulations, cut programs that benefit most Americans, and have a very hawkish foreign policy that might involve the US in additional wars. As Bill Clinton put it, “Romney is Bush on steroids.”